Marco Tonti

Marco Tonti studied Computer Science at the University of Bologna, Italy, where he received the B.S. & M.S. degree summa cum laude. His interest in formal models of the mind from a psychological perspective is shown by his Master’s thesis title: “A computational approach to the psychotherapeutic process”, developed in Ulm, Germany, at the “Sektion Informatik in der Psychotherapie” headed by Prof. Dr. Erhard Mergenthaler. He always paralleled his theoretical interests with professional activity as developer, database designer and system analyst. After his M.S. he turned to the study of psychology by following a Ph.D. program in “Psychodynamic theories of human relationships” at the University of Salento, Italy, supervised by Prof. Sergio Salvatore. In his doctoral course he worked on the formal models and the psychometric measurement of the (Freudian) unconscious, in the light of Matte Blanco’s theoretical elaboration of Freud’s conceptualization. He taught Computer Science and Text Data Analysis.

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