Giulia Battilotti

Giulia Battilotti was born in 1963. She graduated in mathematics in Padua, then she received a PhD in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science from the university of Siena, in 1997, advisor G. Sambin. In 2009 she received a second PhD, in Philosophy, from the University of Florence, advisor M.L. Dalla Chiara. Her research interests have always considered, in various ways, the investigations on substructural logics. In Padua, she has been one of the developers of a common platform for the study of extensional logics, including quantum and linear logics, termed basic logic. In the last years, she has been developing logical models for quantum physics, in the framework of Gentzen's sequent calculus. In particular, she has discovered that such kind of quantum models can be applied to Bi-logic, developed by the Chilean psychoanalyst Ignacio Matte Blanco. This offers a good perspective to the applications of logical models to the theories of mind and then to cognition and artificial intelligence, in different, in some sense opposite, terms with respect to the traditional applications, which cannot take into account the unconscious thinking.

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